Hopefully, most Surrey schools and services know by now that they can direct parents to our Helpline for impartial advice on all matters to do with SEN processes. But did you know that we also offer…

  • Meetings with groups of parents to explain key issues and answer questions
  • A morning or afternoon of 1:1 surgery sessions with parents
  • Attendance at annual reviews, or other school meetings, to support parents to get their views across
  • Training for school staff or other professionals on matters relating to SEN responsibilities and/or working with parents.

As a professional, you are also very welcome to call our Helpline (01737 717300 or ssiass@surreycc.gov.uk) if you have a query about anything relating to education for pupils with special educational needs - whether it is a technical point about the statementing process, or you need to find out what support is available for a vulnerable family you work with.

Other examples of our work with professionals:

  • Work with Early Years settings to raise parent's awareness of the support available as early as possible. We attend settings such as Children's centres to get parents talking as early as possible through network meetings, attendance at parent play sessions and so on. Parents can often be unsure what to do if their very young child appears to have SEN, and sometimes feel they should wait to see if the child "grows out of it". However, if the lines of communication are opened up as early as possible, parents are empowered to understand more about their child's needs, and the support available - which can often prevent problems from becoming more serious later on
  • 1:1 surgeries for parents and carers - Members of the team go out to a community venue to meet face to face with parents with questions or anxieties about their child's education. Parents often feel more comfortable in a setting they are familiar with, having been invited to the surgeries by professionals they know and trust.

If your school / service is interested in hosting SPP surgeries and / or other events please don't hesitate to get in touch at 01737 737300.