A stronger voice for parents

"Parents have told us that good, honest and open communication is one of the important components of building confidence and good relationships. Face-to-face communication with parents, treating them as equal partners with expertise in their children's needs is crucial to establishing and sustaining confidence. Where things go wrong, the root causes can often be traced to poor communication between school, local authority and parent.

"Parents should be able to access the information that they need, when they need it, in ways that are convenient to them.

"In the most successful schools the effective engagement of parents has had a profound impact on children's progress and the confidence between the school and parent. Parents need to be listened to more and brought into a partnership with statutory bodies in a more meaningful way..."

The Lamb Inquiry: Special educational needs and parental confidence December 2009.

How we support schools and other services


Best practice in Surrey

Unsure of a technical point with regards to statements, school exclusion of children with SEN or other matter relating to education of young people with SEN? Call our helpline on 01737 737300.

Please note that we are unable to share or discuss information on individual cases with you, unless the parent consents to this.