Changes to legislation from September 2014 - SEND14


  • Much of the new law is still the same perhaps better. If your child has special educational needs under the old system, they will still have special educational needs under the new system. If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs they must be transferred to an Education Health and Care plan unless their needs have changed and they no longer need a statement.


  • The new system of supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs is now the same from birth to 25 years as long as they stay in education or training. The new Special Educational Needs legal framework only covers children and young people if they have Special Educational Needs. A child or young person will have Special Educational Needs if they have a learning difficulty (which may be a disability) and their school or college cannot provide what they need. This new system will not cover children or young people if they are disabled and have health and/or social care needs but no Special Educational Needs. A young person in further education (college) is now legally entitled to the special educational provision specified in their Education Health and Care plan. This is new. Education Health and Care Plans do not apply to higher education (university).